May 12, 2015

At Gecko Hospitality, we don't stop to measure our successes. We continually surpass them.

Gecko Hospitality specializes in the placement of quality hospitality management professionals. We dedicate the time to learn as much as possible about each candidate's background, education, and training. We focus our attention on their critical management metric accomplishments and their leadership competencies. Therefore directing our recruitment process on these key areas with each candidate allows us to bring the highest quality professional to you.

Our philosophy is to establish a friendly yet professional relationship with you through mutual respect and dignity. Our expansive regional knowledge combined with our commitment to this industry, has enabled us to become a leader and stand out from our competition. Our energy, innovation, and presentation of creative solutions, has propelled a doubling of our growth each of the last 5 years.

Phase 1: Determine level of Guarantee and Security

We are proud to announce the Gecko Hospitality ONE YEAR Guarantee commitment. This unprecedented solution offers a menu of Recruitment Search alternatives, allowing you to personalize the level of your guarantee and security. Together, we will evaluate the initial fee structure, the number of guaranteed months, and the replacement fee percentage options. The goal is to match our alternatives with your desired level of security and guarantee.

Phase 2: Client Organization Review

We collaborate with you to understand your Company's culture, business vision, management team, salary and benefit structures. This information allows us to refer the most qualified and informed candidates about your organization prior to their first interview.

Phase 3: Conduct Job Order Consultation & Strategic Search Plan

Gecko Hospitality will collaborate with you to define the job specifications; discuss the level of Candidate's managerial metrics and leadership competencies required to perform the position at a high level, and the reporting relationships within your organization. Additionally, we will review the degree of geographic reach, candidate education level, and range of compensation.

Phase 4: Recruit Candidates & Execute Reference Checks.

Given the reach and scope of Gecko Hospitality's existing network of candidate profiles, we will provide you with the most place-able candidates matching the information gained from the Strategic Search Plan stage.

Phase 5: Close the Candidate

Once a final candidate has been identified, Gecko Hospitality can extend the offer, as well as explain the Benefit package. Once the offer has been accepted, we will lead the candidate through the process of leaving their former company and provide guidance through that process. If an offer is not going to be extended, the recruiter will relay that message in a positive and professional delivery, ensuring the credibility of your organization and maintaining a friendly relationship with the candidate; which may at a later date become a consideration for candidacy again.

Phase 6: Client Follow-up

Once the Candidate begins employment with you, we will continue to maintain open communications, monitoring the candidate's progression and your satisfaction during the first 90 days of your new employee's tenure. Gecko Hospitality is proud of our reputation, and our growth proves it. Our increasing list of client references will continue to be our metric that we will use to judge our future satisfied client relationships.